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(Perfect for those on the Stand-by List!)


Hello! Thank you so much for showing interest in my pitching video program! If you are a coach, parent, or a pitcher looking to clean up fundamentals without spending the money for weekly lessons, my video analysis program may be for you. You can connect with me for a session on a weekly, monthly, yearly, or even a one time session! 

Here’s how it works: You send me 3 separate videos, I will do a voiceover/ detailed breakdown of your videos which will state what physical mechanics I recommend you work on. I assess every student as I would in an in-person lesson with me. Then, I will also supply you with 2-3 separate personalized instructional videos on how to properly and effectively work on those specific troubled areas. You will be able to ask questions via video message or text. Once the first session is purchased, I am available to you on the app 24/7. However, the video breakdown will need to continue weekly or bi-weekly for best results. This is how we will develop a student/coach relationship. VA is a cool and convenient way to pinpoint details within pitches and learn to recognize what our body is truly doing within the pitch. It’s important to be able to identify what is wrong within the pitch so we can learn how to make the proper corrections. Interested?
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Cost for Video Analysis is $75


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Brooklyn is one of my weekly students. Between her in person lessons and discussing video break down together we are able to work on key components. In these examples, which are an hour apart, show the difference in her leg drive and her ability to control her lower body mechanics from start to finish. We were able to pinpoint exactly why her body position was getting out of whack mid-pitch and resulting in inconsistent pitches. She now knows what drills to implement in her at home practices/ team practices and we have set goals for her to hit throughout the season. 

Video Analysis Twisted Seams Before.png
Video Analysis Twisted Seams Before.png
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