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Beginners Pitching Softball Camp!

**Date**: Monday, July 22

**Time**: 9:00 AM-11:30am

**Cost**: $100 per pitcher

Join us for an exciting camp where beginners can learn essential pitching skills!

Our camp will cover:

- Establishing a fastball grip

- Learning rhythm words for perfect timing

- Creating a wind-up routine

- Utilizing multiple pitching tools

- Learning how to throw inside and out

**Water Game/Edition Alert!**

At the end of the camp, we'll have a fun water game. Please bring clothes you can get wet in and a change of dry clothes.

For just an additional $25, you can take home a video series to help you elevate your game and remember everything you learned at camp.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to improve your pitching skills with Twisted Seams Pitching Academy!

Please thoroughly send out form below to register and additional camp info will be sent to you via email.

OKC/ Moore, OK location will be announced soon!

Beginner Pitchers Camp July. 22 2024

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