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College Recruiting Videos!

**College Recruiting Video Package**

Video package is $200. Cash is preferred. Venmo is accepted. This package includes a pitching session with Coach Jenna Kramer. During this session, we will film three different views of every pitch that the athlete can perform: front view, back view, and side view.


The final video will be professionally edited and assembled in sequence. It will feature a custom thumbnail and an introductory video stating the athlete's name, graduation year, and current teams. As well as title for each pitch. 

1. Age Requirement: Every pitcher must be at least a freshman in high school.

2. Attire:

   - The athlete must wear ball pants and a team shirt (either their high school practice shirt or uniform top).

   - The catcher must match in the same colors.

   - Both the athlete and the catcher must wear turf shoes or tennis shoes. Absolutely no cleats.


3. Catcher Requirements:

   - A highly experienced catcher is needed, someone who can frame pitches well and make the pitcher look good.

   - The catcher must be able to protect the videographer standing behind them for the front view shots.

   - If a catcher needs to be hired, there will be an additional fee of $20, which goes directly to the catcher.

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