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ABOUT Twisted Seams Pitching Academy

Twisted Seams Pitching Academy was officially established on November 1st, 2020 by me, Jenna Kramer. I am a successful pitching instructor from Oklahoma who takes pride in my students and I am dedicated to their progress. I see about 65 students each week for in-person pitching lessons. Ages range from 7 years old to 18 years old. I was born and raised in Moore, Ok. where I was a four year pitcher at Moore High School and then went on to play D2 softball at Oklahoma Baptist University. After, I found my love for coaching. I have spent years studying and developing a certain method/style of pitching that I am proud of and that I can call my own. I am confident in my teachings and my intention is to prepare young ladies to play at the collegiate level. I am known nationwide for teaching the importance of proper body positioning, mental toughness, and injury prevention. My first priority is my students as we work together to figure out what is best for each of them individually.

I come from a long line of pitchers. My dad, Michael was a baseball pitcher and is now a well known fastpitch softball pitching coach. Along with my older sister, Katie. Between the three of us we have over 45 years experience combined. These two are a big reason for my motivation and success. As a kid, I loved nothing more than watching my older sister develop into a highly reputable pitcher. With that being said, my dad put many hours in -- sitting on a bucket, catching thousands of pitches between my sister and I. I can't thank him enough for the time and money he and my Mom spent making sure we had the things we needed to be great pitchers.

Pitching will forever be a topic my family and I can bond over and it is fun reminiscing on all the great memories. Softball was my first love and has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I want to pass down the love that I have for not only the game, but the identity and responsibility that comes along with being a pitcher. Softball has taught me so many life lessons. I believe I am the person I am today because of the effort I had to put in to maintain the skills I have. I will forever be grateful. Every day I plan to strive to be an intentional coach to my pitching students so I can give them the love and support that I had as a kid and push them to be the best that they can be.

Nichole J.

Love this place the family is amazing and my daughter has sky rocketed with her pitching since she started thank you Twisted Seams!

Whit G.

Jenna is PHENOMENAL! My daughter started at Twisted Seams when she was 7 and she is almost 9 now. She has excelled so much at pitching and has great velocity and control. Jenna is invested in the process and really learns, understands, and loves her students. I’d never choose anyone else! 10 out of 10!

Tiara S.

Jenna is AMAZING and I always look forward to her lessons. She has a great personality and makes sure the kids understand why she is telling them things before she makes them do it. My child's pitching has improved so much since we started here and I cannot wait to see how much better she can get.


with Jenna

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NOW OFFERING:  DETAILED VIDEO ANALYSIS BY JENNA KRAMER-  $75 (Perfect for those on the Stand-by List!)
Here’s how it works: You send me 3 separate videos, I will do a voiceover/ detailed breakdown of your videos which will state what physical mechanics I recommend you work on. I assess every student as I would in an in-person lesson with me. Then, I will also supply you with 2-3 separate personalized instructional videos on how to properly and effectively work on those specific troubled areas. You will be able to ask questions via video message or text. Once the first session is purchased, I am available to you on the app 24/7. However, the video breakdown will need to continue weekly or bi-weekly for best results. This is how we will develop a student/coach relationship. VA is a cool and convenient way to pinpoint details within pitches and learn to recognize what our body is truly doing within the pitch. It’s important to be able to identify what is wrong within the pitch so we can learn how to make the proper corrections.


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